Beneath The Surface

What if the kitchen became the entire home?

The kitchen is an obstacle within the home, rigid and condensed.

The study of the protagonist has proved the kitchen to be designed to an out-dated standard, that doesn’t accommodate the multi-functional modern household. It does not reflect personal preference and diversity of culture surrounding cooking and eating.

For some people, their kitchens are nothing more than status symbols, with supercharged surfaces cladding the same standard carcasses. For others, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A space for more than just cooking and preparing food. Under the influence of American pop-culture, kitchens blended into social spaces as opposed to being auxiliary rooms. Birthday parties, home schooling and working on the computer all occur in the kitchen.

Adding to the mix unexpected events such as COVID-19 lock-downs, the way a kitchen is utilised and perceived has changed again. With the concentration of activities, are we confined to our homes, or to our kitchens? What if our homes became the kitchen?