Design Through Disruption

The Testing Timeline

The Operations


To alter the existing is to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way. The familiar kitchen is broken apart and components are rotated, stacked and moved into different positions, giving space back to the apartment for undefined events to occur.


The kitchen is extracted from the apartment, creating a kitchen-less space where events of the kitchen can happen that aren’t related to cooking. Socialising, working, resting etc. are all liberated from the constraints of the rigid kitchen units.


Transforming the apartment into a space where everything becomes the kitchen eradicates the familiar 600 x 600mm. They are replaced by surfaces with heat and water sources within close proximity to other furniture that hosts different daily activities. This allows the previously limited furniture to expand and increase occupant comfort levels.


By exploding the familiar kitchen and looking at kitchen activities in relation to other activities within the home, components superimposed to create synergies among their properties to inform a new way of designing domestic architecture that accommodates the activities, scenarios and events of modern life.