In Vivo: Analytics of Home

The range of activities carried out in the home has broadened significantly with the evolution of modern life. If anything has showed us how much we depend upon our homes, it is the stay at home restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This critical analysis in the form of a home survey determines the aspects of home the protagonist is most dependent on.
The protagonist recorded their daily activities, many of which reoccurred throughout the day.

Home has become office, gym, restaurant, school, park, university. These are places that the home was not designed to be, therefore we are forced to adapt to our environment as opposed to it providing for us. How comfortable can we be when being forced to retreat to our dwellings?

Activities are mapped out in plan and section from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night.
The plan, in its most raw and descriptive form, shows fixed components in ‘bold’, movable in ‘regular’ and non essential additions in ‘italics’. As activities occurred throughout the day, they are overlaid in red, highlighting where movement takes place, what areas are occupied most, what furniture is used and the spatial elements they relate to.
To investigate another dimension, the section analyses what levels, furniture and spatial conditions are occupied throughout the day. The red lines represent the length of time spent occupying various datums. The words in white represent physical properties found in the house, and the words in red define relative ambient conditions. This diagram enables the observation of how we change our environment dependent on the activity taking place.