The Protagonist’s Kitchen vs. The Uncomfortable Sofa

The Protagonist’s Flat – Kitchen Layout 1

The sofa is in its usual position with the external juliet balcony door closed. Its compact size is limited by the fixed sizes and positions of the kitchen cabinets as demonstrated by figures 1a-1d.

The protagonists’ kitchen doesn’t accommodate even the most basic modern appliances.

The addition of a trolley is an immediate response to make the space more usable, however the inflexibility of the kitchen’s design causes friction to arise in the rest of the flat.

The Protagonist’s Flat – Kitchen Layout 2

The trolley is added to the kitchen to improve its usability. Yet, this further restricts the potential sizes of the sofa as demonstrated by figures 2a-2d; opening the balcony door fully makes the space very difficult to circulate into and around.